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Omega Seamaster Chronometer Price

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When Omega introduced the new Seamaster Planet Ocean with the new in-house caliber 9300 last year, this was something that really interested me. Omega was so kind to let me review this dive watch with impressive specifications and impressive dimensions.

It takes a few days or weeks to get a good idea what a watch is really like and how it’s on the wrist. Is it really that big or heavy, does wear comfortable, how is it in different circumstances, is it easy to read the time and how does it perform? I strapped the Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono on the wrist for six weeks and wrote a review. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotto do it…

When I became interested in watches, the Omega Seamaster ‘James Bond’ was one of the first watches that caught my attention. Together with the Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller, these were the iconic timepieces that determined my taste as a beginning collector. Somehow it always felt like the dive watches of these brands were rivals, yet in a different price range and with different specifications. The Seamaster Professional never had an in-house movement and the two Rolex models were ‘above budget’. The launch of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono with its in-house caliber 9300, kicks off a new phase in the competition between these two titans.

The case dimensions of the new Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono (or short POC) shows more resemblance with the new Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea than with the older Sea-Dweller ref.16600 or the Submariner. Its case measures 45, 5 mm in diameter and the case is 19.2 mm thick. Yes that is very thick! For comparison, the Sea-Dweller Deepsea is 17.7 mm thick and measures a mere 44 mm in diameter. Strange enough they feel more or less the same on the wrist. There is of course much more to a watch than its dimensions…


Let’s start by looking at the history of the Omega Seamaster. The new Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono isn’t anywhere close to the first Seamaster that Omega created. The Seamaster has a long history and through the years we’ve seen quite a few variations. The first model that was introduced in 1948 looked like a dress watch and it wasn’t until 1957 when the Seamaster got the looks of what we now consider a dive watch. A round stainless steel case with a rotating bezel and a depth rating that allows more contact with water than washing the dishes or taking a shower. The Seamaster 300 reference 2913 (see photo left) has become a collectable piece and prices for a good one can easily reach the level of a new Planet Ocean and more.

Although Omega says the Seamaster 300 was the first in the ‘Professional’ line, the in 1988 launched Seamaster 200m is the first Seamaster with the word ‘Professional’ printed on the dial. It was the third version with ‘Professional’ on the dial, launched in 1993 and unofficially called the ‘James Bond’ version, that gave the Seamaster Professional its huge popularity among a much bigger audience.

The design of the Planet Ocean, launched in 2005, recalls that of the first Seamaster 300 meter models that were launched in 1957. Look at the hands, bezel and many other design elements. The Seamaster Planet Ocean was also the first Seamaster collection to be equipped with Omega’s proprietary Co-Axial Escapement movement, caliber 2500. The newly released Seamaster POC is equipped with a true in-house caliber.

DISCOUNT Omega Seamaster Chronometer Unisex Watch 212.30
DISCOUNT Omega Seamaster Chronometer Unisex Watch 212.30 ...
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Chronometer Watch
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Chronometer Watch ...
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