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Federation dictionary

  1. The definition of a federation is the act of joining states or other groups with an agreement they will be governed under one central authority.

    An example of a federation is the United States.


  1. the act of uniting or of forming a union of states, groups, etc. by agreement of each member to subordinate its power to that of the central authority in common affairs
  2. an organization formed by such an act; league; specif., a federal union of states, nations, etc.

Origin of federation

French fédération ; from Medieval Latin federatio ; from Classical Latin foederatus: see federate


  1. The act of federating, especially a joining together of states into a league or federal union.
  2. A league or association formed by federating, especially a government or political body established through federal union.

(plural federations)

  1. Act of joining together into a single political entity.It is 106 years since federation.
  2. Array of nations or states that are unified under one central authority which is elected by its members.
  3. (computing, telecommunications) A collection of network or telecommunication providers that offer interoperability.

(not comparable)

  1. (Australia) Of an architectural style popular around the time of federation.We live in a federation house.
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