Princess Belle Invitation

Beauty and the Beast candle and clock

Portrayed by

Henri Lubatti (in Once Upon a Time)
Ewan McGregor (in the 2017 film)


Lumière Brothers, whom collectively created the first film
Pepe le Pew
Fred Astaire


Debonair, kind-hearted, vivacious, romantic, rebellious, resourceful, slightly conceited, a ladies' man, loyal, carefree, helpful


Long nose, wrinkled forehead, brown eyebrows, heavy-lidded brown eyes


Castle Maître d


To become human again (Succeeded)
To serve the master


Flames (as a candelabra) and gloves (as a human)


"Be our guest!"
"She's the one; the girl we have been waiting for. She has come to break the spell!"“The Casanova of all candelabras. He is a suave, vivacious gentleman and as any gracious host would, treats Belle with warmth and to a spectacular show-stopping number, "Be Our Guest". He is instrumental in helping Belle and Beast fall in love.” ―Diamond Editon Website

Lumière (which translates from French as "light") is a man who was turned into a candelabra, featured as a supporting character in Disney's 1991 film.


Lumière is a kind-hearted, charismatic, yet rebellious, servant of the Beast. He has a habit of disobeying his master's rules that results in controversy, but after Belle, he is arguably the Beast's closest friend, as the Beast often turns to Lumière for advice. His free-spirited and rebellious personality often puts a severe strain on his friendship with Cogsworth, whom prefers to abide strictly by his master's rules as to avoid any trouble, but as shown many times in the film series, he values Cogsworth like a brother. He is also depicted as a lady's man, as Beast often goes to him for love advice dealing with his feelings for Belle. In addition to this, he can be rather flirtatious and often speaks in a suave, smooth tone. This is most frequently seen during his interaction with his girlfriend, Fifi. He is also somewhat of a womanizer, as implied in the Marvel Comics with him fondling two featherduster maids, as well as in The Enchanted Christmas where he refers to Angelique as an "old flame." Lumière's admiration and knowledge of romance is also put into good use during the development of the Beast and Belle's relationship throughout the course of the original film; most notably when he gave Beast the idea of bestowing the castle's massive library onto Belle, due to her love of books.

In the Special Edition song "Human Again", Lumiere's character is slightly expanded on, revealing that he as a human had "a mademoiselle on each arm" and that he was a courter. In addition, a line from Mrs. Potts in the same song about his actions "certainly causing husbands alarm" implies that he also was not above at the very least courting married women.

Physical appearance

Under the curse, Lumière was a three-armed golden candelabra with leaf-shaped accents, with features sculpted in the middle and tallest candle and a drop of wax resembling a lock of hair.

As a human, he has fair skin, is lanky, has a prominent chin, auburn hair tied back into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, yellow cravat, brown vest, cream shirt with long puffy sleeves and ochre leaf-patterned cuffs, ochre culottes (knee-length breeches), cream stockings, brown shoes.


“Ma chère mademoiselle. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents... your dinner.”

Lumière in Beauty and the Beast.

After that fateful day when his master refused to let a beggar woman into the castle (who was really an enchantress in disguise), Lumière and the other servants in the castle were turned into household objects. Lumiere was turned into a candelabra. He is the first to show any kindness to Maurice who was lost in the woods. Lumière and the others comfort him until the Beast arrives. Lumière shows fear and has no power to save Maurice from being trapped in the dungeon. When Belle searches for her father Maurice she stumbles upon the castle. Lumière is the first to spot and shows her the way to her father. Belle trades places to save her sick father and Lumière gives advice to the master as he shows her to her room.

Lumière and Mrs. Potts the castle's head of the maids speaks with Beast about the spell being broken and tries their best to calm his temper. When Belle wishes not to attend to dinner it causes Beast's temper to go out of control. Lumière and the others clean up the kitchen and Belle appears. Lumière decides to give Belle a warm welcome by singing "Be Our Guest". After Belle goes into the West Wing which is forbidden, the Beast appears and she leaves. Lumière and the others tends to Beast after he saved her from a pack of wolves.

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