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Invicta Chronometer

Invicta 47mm Aviator Maverick Quartz Chronograph Bracelet Watch w/ 10-Slot Collector's Case

Choices: Gold-tone/Blue, Gold-tone/Red, Silver-tone/Blue, Silver-tone/Charcoal, Two-tone/Blue or Two-tone/Green bracelet/dial

Master the skies and your schedule with Invicta's Aviator Maverick!

Built with a cool attitude and a daring spirit, the Maverick takes flight with a round stainless steel case and a unidirectional rotating bezel with a high polish finish. Sleek, sharp, sophisticated, the bezel offers Arabic numerals etched on top while a crown and function pushers engage on the right. "Invicta" leaves its mark along the left side while a five link bracelet secures around your wrist in case matching color and superior shine.

An alloy dial flies head-on into your time with functionality fit for the Maverick's rebel heart. You'll find a 1/10th-seconds subdial below 12:00, a magnified date window near 4:00, a 60-seconds subdial above 6:00 and a 60-minute subdial near 9:00. Luminous Tritnite accented index markers land at all of the hour positions while the hour and minute hands circle with Tritnite tips. A slim seconds hand keeps your flight plan in mind as it ticks by "Invicta" and its winged logo near 3:00.

  • Movement: Japanese TMI VD57B Quartz Chronograph
  • Movement Country of Origin: Japan
  • Case Measurements: 47mm
  • Case Thickness: 14mm
  • Crystal: Flame Fusion
  • Crown: Push/Pull
  • Bracelet: Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Measurements: 8-1/2" L x 22mm W
  • Clasp: Deployant
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM - 100 meters - 330 feet
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Model Numbers:
    Gold-tone/Blue: 18855-IPM209
    Gold-tone/Red: 18856-IPM209
    Silver-tone/Blue: 18849-IPM209
    Silver-tone/Charcoal: 18850-IPM209
    Two-tone/Blue: 18851-IPM209
    Two-tone/Green: 18853-IPM209
  • UPC:
    Gold-tone/Blue: 17
    Gold-tone/Red: 24
    Silver-tone/Blue: 59
    Silver-tone/Charcoal: 66
    Two-tone/Blue: 73
    Two-tone/Green: 97
  • Watch Country of Origin: Japan
  • Additional Information: Watch comes packaged in Invicta 10-slot Aviator collector's case with instruction manual and warranty information.

Warranty: This timepiece comes with an automatic one-year limited warranty from Invicta. EVINE Live customers have an exclusive option to extend the warranty to five years, free of charge (which represents a savings of $65).

Within 30 days, you must activate the extended warranty. You can do this by either registering on Invicta’s website (see URL below) or by mailing your application (which was included with your purchase) and EVINE Live invoice to Invicta.

Under either warranty option, should your watch require warranty service, please include a copy of your original EVINE Live invoice with your item. Product owner is responsible for shipping and handling to and from Invicta, a flat rate of $28.

  • Returning Registers, click here.

To view the actual case size, To view the actual case size, Click Here.

Watch Glossary:

Analog-Digital Display (ana-digi): Watch that shows the time by means of hour and minute hands (analog display) as well as by numbers (digital display).

Arabic Numerals: Popular counterpart to Roman numerals consisting of 1, 2, 3, etc; Became popular during the 18th century and typically allow for more space on the dial for complications.

ATM: Commonly used measurement in water resistance; Stands for "atmospheres" or the amount of pressure a watch can withstand before leaking; One atmosphere is equal to 10 meters of water pressure.

Automatic Movement: Type of movement where the mainspring is wound via the movement of one’s own arm; Movement of the arm causes the rotor to rotate, which in turn winds the mainspring; Similar to mechanical movements, except winding is not manual.

Bezel: Retaining ring surrounding the case and securing the crystal; Sometimes incorporates unidirectional or ratcheting movements, as well as additional benefits such as chapter markers.

Case: Timepiece’s container; Protects the movement from dust, dampness and injury; Common case shapes are round, tonneau, rectangular and square.

Chronograph: Timepiece capable of both timekeeping and stopwatch functions; Chronographs are a unique and valued complication due to their ability to measure increments of time.

Chronometer: High-precision timepiece that has been tested and is certified to meet precision standards; Chronometer watches often come with certificates indicating their certified status.

Complication: Any feature added to the timepiece that does not indicate hours, minutes or seconds. Popular complications include chronographs, tachymeters, date windows and exhibition backs.

Crown: Small, cap-like device located on the side of a case that allows the user to set time or manually wind watch.

Crystal: Transparent cover on a watch face that gives view of the dial; Sapphire and mineral are the most common crystals used today.

Date Window: Reveals the numeric day of a given month.

Deployant: Type of clasp that keeps the closing mechanism hidden, creating an uninterrupted look for your bracelet or strap.

Dial: Plate beneath the crystal showcasing the timepiece’s features; Sometimes referred to as the face of a timepiece, the dial indicates hours, minutes and seconds, as well as complications such as date windows and sub-dials.

Dual Deployant: Similar to a deployant clasp, except it uses two hinges to fasten or open, as opposed to one.

Dual Time Zone: Timepiece that simultaneously gives time in two time zones.

Exhibition case: Unique complication wherein a crystal is implemented into the case back, allowing view of the timepiece's movement.

Greenwich Mean Time: Refers to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England where mean time is kept; Located at the prime meridian of the world, GMT is thought of as "the world's time".

Jewels: International term referring to the rubies, sapphires or other gemstones used as bearings in a watch movement; These bearings are set to reduce friction in a movement and help the delicate parts of the movement work smoothly and with great precision.

Mechanical Movement: Type of movement where the winding crown is used to power the movement; Needs to be manually wound after an elapsed period of time; Sometimes accompanied by a exhibition back to display its old-fashioned sensibilities.

Mineral Crystal: Technical term for glass; Standard crystal used in timepieces today.

Minute Repeater: Timepiece that sounds hours, quarters and minutes as requested.

Moon Phase: Complication on a timepiece that displays the various stages of the moon; Stages include new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter.

Mother-of-Pearl: Dial material that has been cultivated from the inside of certain shells; Provides an iridescent surface and gives timepieces a rich aesthetic.

Movement: Assembly making up the principal elements and mechanisms of a watch or clock; Includes the winding and setting mechanism, the mainspring, the train, the escapement and the regulating elements.

Source: www.evine.com
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